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McCally-Lee Entertainment

BLOGGOLICIOUS, By Gwen Marty…a hockey mom, and so much more

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Gwen Marty…I lack a pace of grace. Self-described as crazy, hectic, happy, forgetful, stressed, spastic (like a spewing volcano), spunky, funky, financially frantic with plummeting sex appeal!

Currently, I am in the midst of the most mind-blowing, mid-life calamity (MLC-you will need to know this) known to woman-kind!  This so called “crisis” has been a huge turning point in my life.  MLC is my new best friend. I give thanks to MLC for bringing me more joy and freedom than those ghastly years of yearning for a man, then a family and all the blissful chaos that accompanies each new title. (Like being called “wife” or “mom” changes you??! Yes, it changes your daily routine, life goals, priorities and heart…but, none of these significant “profile leaps” to “storybook-land” truly change you at the core of your being.)

Then add hockey mom label to my MLC shenanigans….why not? I am hard enough, rough enough, not rich enough…I’m not too blind to see!!! Hockey, hockey, hockey….tossed on my plate post-divorce (applause). As if being a dance mom with a daughter in dance 4 times a week on a budget that exists of depleted savings accounts, drained checkbooks, and credit at interest rates that make me feel raped on a monthly basis wasn’t enough? You can put me out on the street with no shoes on my feet…put me out of misery!!!

Settle down mom fans! Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids and being their mom more than any single thing in the world! They are my reason. My why. They are me & I am them. I feel their joy and pain when we are apart as if they were laughing and crying inside my womb. I would not change one damn thing.  Except….DINNER! Why is dinner every day? For God’s sake…you can’t start me up again at 5pm to do yet another feeding, dishes etc. after juggling work since before dawn. I just want to pass on dinners please…pretty please?!

Stay tuned for more from Gwen's Bloggolicious


McCally-Lee Entertainment

Yesterday was a day of endings…..  I’ve been crossing days off the calendar just waiting for hockey to be done so I could have a little time to keep my head on straight.   Today the crosses on the calendar stop.  I should be smiling-this is what I’ve been waiting for right??  Well I’m not really liking it. 

It was sad to see Easton, our last kid to be “out” of playoffs, walk back to the car, load the bag and drive away from the rink.  This is the first year not one of our kids has gone to a state tournament…so we loaded the van and we went to the HS Girls AA Championship game to get our fill.  Thank You ladies for such a great, great game-it was so exciting to see you all poor your hearts out and give it your everything.  The final overtime goal brought back my own HS sports memories and gave me goosebumps-as I’ve been on a state champion team and I’ve been on the team that fell short of their goal.  I needed these goose bumps to remind me of both why I love the hockey life and why I sometimes wish it would end.  Winning and losing are both memories and feelings you cherish forever.  Both opportunities give you a sense of belonging and a camaraderie that can’t be duplicated outside of a true working team. 

The friendships we develop as teammates and the struggles we encounter when we either win or lose, are what teaches us who we are and reminds us that we are stronger together.  If we can remember these feelings and lessons throughout life we are sure to be a success as we need to know how to put others before ourselves in family, work and friendships.  We need to work together and celebrate together.  We need to support each other whether we are working towards our goals or we have reached them.  Once everyone understands these emotions and truly behaves as a team they will experience success as a team.  These memories will live forever.  A true team needs every player and every coach—everyone is a contributing piece of the puzzle. 

SO…. As our season has ended, I remind myself that the memories and lessons have not.  More hockey will come ( just weeks away), and we will be right back into the middle of the rat race!    

If I’ve been asked once throughout the filming of Season 1, I’ve been asked 100 times, “WHY”?  Why do you commit to the hockey life?  What is it that you love?  Looking back I can answer this question better:  “I love the feeling and the goosebumps of successful teamwork.”  There is nothing more empowering than to know a group of people came together, worked hard together, had each other’s backs no matter what and in the end they accomplished exactly what they set out to do.  True teamwork is an amazing feeling!   

Hockey takes a level of commitment from the entire family – the entire hockey family!


Party Chamberlain Style

McCally-Lee Entertainment

"Its Time to Party, Chamberlain Style!!"  Probably my most favorite line in the show yet to date!!!!  And because of the show, this is now something everyone seems to want to do!!!!!!!  lol You have to understand that Chris and I came from nothing...well maybe less than nothing.  So we're a little "stuck in our youth" maybe.  We like to have fun!!  But good, clean, sober fun believe it or not!  When everyone we knew was out hitting the bars, we were working our butts off together!  With no handouts, loans, or freebies, we built a successful construction company, revamped an entire farm and are halfway through raising two outgoing, articulate, amazing kids!!  And in the process are kinda stuck in our 20's!!!  I like my nice jeans, Chris likes his special Shirts and we both like our trucks black, jacked up and flashy.

Since being re-crowned Hockey Mom I'm flying on a high, but need gallons and gallons of premium gas for the raptor and the sound of zamboni's!!  And in the last 2 weeks Carter and I have signed over a dozen autographs on people's hands, napkins, and receipts, taken a handful of pictures with fans and even been offered a seat at a fancy restaurant when there were "no tables" available because I'm on  "Hockey Moms"!  And I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it!!  =)  Each time one of us is recognized they reference a line or event they loved from the show, turning simple errands into longer trips, but we wouldn't have it any other way!  If we can capture people's attention with our everyday antics we now fondly refer to as the "Chamberlain Style", and give viewers a reason to tune in on Saturday nights then rock on!!!!!  Because as someone randomly said to us just yesterday after another "Hockey Moms Sighting", "You guys are SO fun to watch, 11 episodes might just not be enough!!!"

Until Next Time~  Shay

No Time for Change

McCally-Lee Entertainment

My life as a hockey Mom has no time for change.  Cameras or no cameras, it’s the calendar and clock that dictate where I go, with who and when.  If the production crew has the energy to follow along, then kudos to them!  They are going to catch some forgetfulness, untimely-ness and ridiculousness—that’s what we are made of. 

We are usually running behind, hurrying from one rink to the next where some days you notice people looking at you and commenting that they “think” those are the people from “the show.”  Folks from our home associations continually show tons of interest and ask how things are going with the show, if we like it and if they are finished filming.  Most people assume we have cameras day in and day out perhaps even in the shower???  Honestly, we have most days to ourselves, enjoying the rat race of the hockey season. 

Not a lot has really changed in our lives—that we know of other than the continuous Facebook friend requests from random people we don’t know.  I’d like to think our friends would also say we haven’t changed—and as this show gains momentum we hope we stay true to who we are.  We did however buy a new vehicle that now has 4 extra, empty seats--- we could try to fill them—that would make us change.  What do you think?


Angie's Wild Journey

McCally-Lee Entertainment

A reality show is something I never thought I would be involved in.  When the opportunity came to me last fall, I was totally surprised.  I had no idea if this was something I wanted to do.  Many of my close family and friends told me not to participate.  That made my decision pretty hard.  I spent a lot of nights thinking about what it would mean for my family.  How would I feel about exposing my life on TV?  How would my kids, husband, family, and friends react to me being on this show?  I also thought, do I really want to bring MORE hockey into my life?  But something deep down told me I should do it.  My life has been a wild journey so far, why not add another voyage to it.  

I do care what others think of me, but never to the point that it dictates what I do.  My husband and kids were okay with it.  I also felt I had an interesting story to tell.  And while I was scared, I have never thought that should be a reason not to do something.   With a little hesitation I decided that I was going to be part of the show.  It helped that I believed in the producers.  I felt like they really wanted viewers to see what youth hockey was like in Minnesota.  I believed that then and I believe that even more now.

  I have been surprised at how much work it is to create a television show, and how much film is taken that never gets on the air.  I deal with those who don’t support the show, and those that think the show or I are out for a purpose other than to present what hockey life is like. For the most part people support me and so far I have had a great experience.  I am certainly happy that I did it and I am grateful that they saw something in me that they thought people will like to watch.  We are almost done with filming and soon the season will be half over.  It’s been a wild ride so far and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.


Intoducing Shontel - Part 2

McCally-Lee Entertainment

As a family we decided to apply for the show because hockey is our life for most of the year.  We also had everybody who knew of the show and knew of our life- bugging us to apply.  We had customers writing notes on envelopes when they paid their bills, friends messaging us constantly and employees joking about how we would for sure be chosen.  

If you ask the kids about "the show" you will hear different responses on different days.  Today I received answers such as, "I hate it when they film me when I'm angry," "I hate it when people try to make friends with me because of the show," "I'm going to miss the crew when this is finished," Cooper answered with "sure."  Ashton, "I love using the Go Pro and seeing that footage on TV!"  As for myself, I hope I can make a few crazy Moms feel more normal and a few Moms who think they are crazy realize they really aren't that busy- because they don't truly know what busy is.  

Being a hockey mom takes over your life.  You learn a lot about yourself, your friends and what is and isn't important.  I've learned how to bite my tongue, take a deep breath and live with situations that I have no control of.  I've also learned to live with very little time for myself.  I always say I'm going to make an appointment on the calendar to do something for myself--it never happens!  The thing I miss the most is my husband!  During the season we are always going two ways.  The time we get to spend together is far between, making us appreciate it that much more-maybe this is the secret to a successful marriage.  

I love hockey and I love when its over for the season.  



McCally-Lee Entertainment

Why did I apply for Hockey Moms??? Ummmm.....Who DOESN'T want to be a TV Star?!?!? LOL No, I'm kidding, I applied namely because about 100 people TOLD me too, and because I thought it might be the opportunity I'd been looking for to give my "Hater's Fan Club" a chance to actually KNOW me. AND....of course to do my due diligence to a sport that I grew up LOVING!!! I have a really unique story to share that involves, Overcoming Obstacles, Struggling to be a Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur; Love, Stress, Health Battles and of course HOCKEY!!! I am OVER THE MOON EXCITED to be apart of this AWESOME project and know how BLESSED I am to have been chosen! 

You won't want to miss a MINUTE of this REAL "Reality" Show!!! So set your DVR for all the Laughs, the Cheers, the Tears, the Wins and the Losses to come on this First Season of Hockey Moms!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                                                                           Much Love~ Shay

Introducing Gwen

McCally-Lee Entertainment

When I first heard about the Hockey Mom’s show and that they were looking for families to feature, my heart went THUMP!  I knew at a deep level this was right up my alley, yet was almost embarrassed at the thought of actually auditioning and wanting such a thing in my life. Then it happened…texts, emails and Facebook comments poured in from friends wide and far saying “Gwen…you have to do this!” The nudge was all it took to send me into full throttle. I managed to submit my paperwork which I threw together within minutes of the submission deadline….attaching nothing but family selfie pics and videos from one of my part time “today money” jobs which was me serving a beer on my head while walking backwards. A video clip which has since resurfaced on my Facebook page!

The kids and I had long family discussions over the possibility, the potential and the possible outcome…focusing on the fact that both positive and negative feedback from such an opportunity could be more than we could handle. It was a family decision to move forward and go for it!  Nothing lost, nothing gained…kids have always known this “mom” to be an outgoing, risk taker with huge amounts of spontaneity!  “Let’s do it kids”…were my exact words followed by a prayer and telling kids “if God wants this for us and for others then so be it….we don’t know what may come from this. Endless opportunities and challenges. I said to Olivia - “Besides honey, how many kids get to put "Featured in a Reality TV Show” on their resume or college application?


Check back soon to learn more about Gwen and hear about her crazy audition!


McCally-Lee Entertainment

I don't love hockey. Yes you read that right. I can list a lot of things that I love and hockey is not one of them. I am sure you are thinking. I thought you were on a show called Hockey Moms? Yes, I am a very active hockey mom and hockey wife but most of it is not by choice. Almost all of my adult life was controlled by hockey in some way. I met my husband when I was 20 and he had already been drafted. He left to play professional hockey right after we graduated from college. Over the course of the next 13 years, he played in 12 cities in 6 different counties. From the ages of 23 to 34, I moved over 20 times. I can pack and unpack a box like nobody's business. We had a lot of wonderful times and once in a life time experiences. I am thankful that my husband was able to live his passion for so many years while providing for our growing family. I am forever grateful for my time in all those places around the world as they have made me the person that I am today. But there was also a lot of heartache, stress, unwanted change, loneliness, and frustration. I loved it and hated it all at the same time. 

A car accident required my husband to retire almost 3 years ago.

It was a big change for my family, one that I was ready for. I was so hopeful that
finally my life would settle down and we could live the "normal" life that I have always wanted. Little did I know that my hockey life was starting all over again. I now find myself surrounded by even more hockey then I was before. My husband has turned his hockey playing into hockey coaching, I have two kids who play hockey, I manage their teams, and my husband and I run hockey camps in Rosemount. When not at the rink, we are watching hockey, playing knee hockey, and talking about hockey.

It is ALL hockey ALL the time. 

On the show you will see my frustration with the amount of time and energy
that goes into hockey. You will see me missing my husband when he is coaching every weekend.
You will see my annoyance with bringing my kids to early morning practices. 
You will see the stress that I sometimes feel having to manage so much hockey in our lives. 
You will see all these things but I also hope you see the joy I have for my kids when they are on the ice. How much happiness it brings me to see the love they have for the game. How my heart just melts watching my husband and kids share in the passion of this sport. Possibly you will see me start to warm up to the sport of hockey as I enjoy it through the eyes of the most important little people in my life. 

And maybe, just maybe, my love/hate for hockey will begin to be just love.


Introducing Shontel - part 1

McCally-Lee Entertainment

Our life as a family and as business owners has grown to be more and more chaotic as the years fly by.  Had you asked me to draw a picture of my current life five years ago, I never would have imagined we'd be where we are today and doing what we are doing.

The addition of the show "Hockey Moms" was in a sense something we've always joked about.  We often joke about needing a camera crew to follow us around to capture the "shit show."  Everyday we have hiccups that are just ridiculous.  A recent example involves Clint and I both at work serving at the restaurant, trying to take care of our tables when the kids shuffle on in thinking its OK to disrupt somebodies dining experience to have us leave our table to get a golf cart "unstuck" out in the muddy woods-sad thing is I took Clint's tables for a few minutes and he actually ran out into the woods to help with the golf cart.  

People always ask us how we do it, the show is a perfect way to let everyone in on our daily routines, schedules and survival tactics. Our crazy hockey schedule is something people will be amazed by, disgusted with, dumb founded by and utterly confused by.  There will be families who can totally relate to us, families who think we are "doing this to ourselves," families who may think this lifestyle is near child abuse.  Think what you may but I guarantee you we are NOT forcing hockey on any of our kids.  "Hockey Moms" is a fun way to answer everyone's questions and show them just how we do it.  


Check back to learn how Shontel's kids really feel about being on "Hockey Moms."