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Intoducing Shontel - Part 2

McCally-Lee Entertainment

As a family we decided to apply for the show because hockey is our life for most of the year.  We also had everybody who knew of the show and knew of our life- bugging us to apply.  We had customers writing notes on envelopes when they paid their bills, friends messaging us constantly and employees joking about how we would for sure be chosen.  

If you ask the kids about "the show" you will hear different responses on different days.  Today I received answers such as, "I hate it when they film me when I'm angry," "I hate it when people try to make friends with me because of the show," "I'm going to miss the crew when this is finished," Cooper answered with "sure."  Ashton, "I love using the Go Pro and seeing that footage on TV!"  As for myself, I hope I can make a few crazy Moms feel more normal and a few Moms who think they are crazy realize they really aren't that busy- because they don't truly know what busy is.  

Being a hockey mom takes over your life.  You learn a lot about yourself, your friends and what is and isn't important.  I've learned how to bite my tongue, take a deep breath and live with situations that I have no control of.  I've also learned to live with very little time for myself.  I always say I'm going to make an appointment on the calendar to do something for myself--it never happens!  The thing I miss the most is my husband!  During the season we are always going two ways.  The time we get to spend together is far between, making us appreciate it that much more-maybe this is the secret to a successful marriage.  

I love hockey and I love when its over for the season.