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McCally-Lee Entertainment

Why did I apply for Hockey Moms??? Ummmm.....Who DOESN'T want to be a TV Star?!?!? LOL No, I'm kidding, I applied namely because about 100 people TOLD me too, and because I thought it might be the opportunity I'd been looking for to give my "Hater's Fan Club" a chance to actually KNOW me. AND....of course to do my due diligence to a sport that I grew up LOVING!!! I have a really unique story to share that involves, Overcoming Obstacles, Struggling to be a Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur; Love, Stress, Health Battles and of course HOCKEY!!! I am OVER THE MOON EXCITED to be apart of this AWESOME project and know how BLESSED I am to have been chosen! 

You won't want to miss a MINUTE of this REAL "Reality" Show!!! So set your DVR for all the Laughs, the Cheers, the Tears, the Wins and the Losses to come on this First Season of Hockey Moms!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                                                                           Much Love~ Shay