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Party Chamberlain Style

McCally-Lee Entertainment

"Its Time to Party, Chamberlain Style!!"  Probably my most favorite line in the show yet to date!!!!  And because of the show, this is now something everyone seems to want to do!!!!!!!  lol You have to understand that Chris and I came from nothing...well maybe less than nothing.  So we're a little "stuck in our youth" maybe.  We like to have fun!!  But good, clean, sober fun believe it or not!  When everyone we knew was out hitting the bars, we were working our butts off together!  With no handouts, loans, or freebies, we built a successful construction company, revamped an entire farm and are halfway through raising two outgoing, articulate, amazing kids!!  And in the process are kinda stuck in our 20's!!!  I like my nice jeans, Chris likes his special Shirts and we both like our trucks black, jacked up and flashy.

Since being re-crowned Hockey Mom I'm flying on a high, but need gallons and gallons of premium gas for the raptor and the sound of zamboni's!!  And in the last 2 weeks Carter and I have signed over a dozen autographs on people's hands, napkins, and receipts, taken a handful of pictures with fans and even been offered a seat at a fancy restaurant when there were "no tables" available because I'm on  "Hockey Moms"!  And I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it!!  =)  Each time one of us is recognized they reference a line or event they loved from the show, turning simple errands into longer trips, but we wouldn't have it any other way!  If we can capture people's attention with our everyday antics we now fondly refer to as the "Chamberlain Style", and give viewers a reason to tune in on Saturday nights then rock on!!!!!  Because as someone randomly said to us just yesterday after another "Hockey Moms Sighting", "You guys are SO fun to watch, 11 episodes might just not be enough!!!"

Until Next Time~  Shay