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No Time for Change

McCally-Lee Entertainment

My life as a hockey Mom has no time for change.  Cameras or no cameras, it’s the calendar and clock that dictate where I go, with who and when.  If the production crew has the energy to follow along, then kudos to them!  They are going to catch some forgetfulness, untimely-ness and ridiculousness—that’s what we are made of. 

We are usually running behind, hurrying from one rink to the next where some days you notice people looking at you and commenting that they “think” those are the people from “the show.”  Folks from our home associations continually show tons of interest and ask how things are going with the show, if we like it and if they are finished filming.  Most people assume we have cameras day in and day out perhaps even in the shower???  Honestly, we have most days to ourselves, enjoying the rat race of the hockey season. 

Not a lot has really changed in our lives—that we know of other than the continuous Facebook friend requests from random people we don’t know.  I’d like to think our friends would also say we haven’t changed—and as this show gains momentum we hope we stay true to who we are.  We did however buy a new vehicle that now has 4 extra, empty seats--- we could try to fill them—that would make us change.  What do you think?