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McCally-Lee Entertainment

BLOGGOLICIOUS, By Gwen Marty…a hockey mom, and so much more

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Gwen Marty…I lack a pace of grace. Self-described as crazy, hectic, happy, forgetful, stressed, spastic (like a spewing volcano), spunky, funky, financially frantic with plummeting sex appeal!

Currently, I am in the midst of the most mind-blowing, mid-life calamity (MLC-you will need to know this) known to woman-kind!  This so called “crisis” has been a huge turning point in my life.  MLC is my new best friend. I give thanks to MLC for bringing me more joy and freedom than those ghastly years of yearning for a man, then a family and all the blissful chaos that accompanies each new title. (Like being called “wife” or “mom” changes you??! Yes, it changes your daily routine, life goals, priorities and heart…but, none of these significant “profile leaps” to “storybook-land” truly change you at the core of your being.)

Then add hockey mom label to my MLC shenanigans….why not? I am hard enough, rough enough, not rich enough…I’m not too blind to see!!! Hockey, hockey, hockey….tossed on my plate post-divorce (applause). As if being a dance mom with a daughter in dance 4 times a week on a budget that exists of depleted savings accounts, drained checkbooks, and credit at interest rates that make me feel raped on a monthly basis wasn’t enough? You can put me out on the street with no shoes on my feet…put me out of misery!!!

Settle down mom fans! Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids and being their mom more than any single thing in the world! They are my reason. My why. They are me & I am them. I feel their joy and pain when we are apart as if they were laughing and crying inside my womb. I would not change one damn thing.  Except….DINNER! Why is dinner every day? For God’s sake…you can’t start me up again at 5pm to do yet another feeding, dishes etc. after juggling work since before dawn. I just want to pass on dinners please…pretty please?!

Stay tuned for more from Gwen's Bloggolicious