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McCally-Lee Entertainment

Yesterday was a day of endings…..  I’ve been crossing days off the calendar just waiting for hockey to be done so I could have a little time to keep my head on straight.   Today the crosses on the calendar stop.  I should be smiling-this is what I’ve been waiting for right??  Well I’m not really liking it. 

It was sad to see Easton, our last kid to be “out” of playoffs, walk back to the car, load the bag and drive away from the rink.  This is the first year not one of our kids has gone to a state tournament…so we loaded the van and we went to the HS Girls AA Championship game to get our fill.  Thank You ladies for such a great, great game-it was so exciting to see you all poor your hearts out and give it your everything.  The final overtime goal brought back my own HS sports memories and gave me goosebumps-as I’ve been on a state champion team and I’ve been on the team that fell short of their goal.  I needed these goose bumps to remind me of both why I love the hockey life and why I sometimes wish it would end.  Winning and losing are both memories and feelings you cherish forever.  Both opportunities give you a sense of belonging and a camaraderie that can’t be duplicated outside of a true working team. 

The friendships we develop as teammates and the struggles we encounter when we either win or lose, are what teaches us who we are and reminds us that we are stronger together.  If we can remember these feelings and lessons throughout life we are sure to be a success as we need to know how to put others before ourselves in family, work and friendships.  We need to work together and celebrate together.  We need to support each other whether we are working towards our goals or we have reached them.  Once everyone understands these emotions and truly behaves as a team they will experience success as a team.  These memories will live forever.  A true team needs every player and every coach—everyone is a contributing piece of the puzzle. 

SO…. As our season has ended, I remind myself that the memories and lessons have not.  More hockey will come ( just weeks away), and we will be right back into the middle of the rat race!    

If I’ve been asked once throughout the filming of Season 1, I’ve been asked 100 times, “WHY”?  Why do you commit to the hockey life?  What is it that you love?  Looking back I can answer this question better:  “I love the feeling and the goosebumps of successful teamwork.”  There is nothing more empowering than to know a group of people came together, worked hard together, had each other’s backs no matter what and in the end they accomplished exactly what they set out to do.  True teamwork is an amazing feeling!   

Hockey takes a level of commitment from the entire family – the entire hockey family!