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Introducing Gwen

McCally-Lee Entertainment

When I first heard about the Hockey Mom’s show and that they were looking for families to feature, my heart went THUMP!  I knew at a deep level this was right up my alley, yet was almost embarrassed at the thought of actually auditioning and wanting such a thing in my life. Then it happened…texts, emails and Facebook comments poured in from friends wide and far saying “Gwen…you have to do this!” The nudge was all it took to send me into full throttle. I managed to submit my paperwork which I threw together within minutes of the submission deadline….attaching nothing but family selfie pics and videos from one of my part time “today money” jobs which was me serving a beer on my head while walking backwards. A video clip which has since resurfaced on my Facebook page!

The kids and I had long family discussions over the possibility, the potential and the possible outcome…focusing on the fact that both positive and negative feedback from such an opportunity could be more than we could handle. It was a family decision to move forward and go for it!  Nothing lost, nothing gained…kids have always known this “mom” to be an outgoing, risk taker with huge amounts of spontaneity!  “Let’s do it kids”…were my exact words followed by a prayer and telling kids “if God wants this for us and for others then so be it….we don’t know what may come from this. Endless opportunities and challenges. I said to Olivia - “Besides honey, how many kids get to put "Featured in a Reality TV Show” on their resume or college application?


Check back soon to learn more about Gwen and hear about her crazy audition!